August 21, 2010

Loose Ends

Erastus 26

After taking a moment to enjoy the defeat of the Stag Lord, we decided to search out the keep for Dovan, who had disappeared during the fight. Akiros showed us a secret trap door to a cellar where he could have gone. He warned us that there was a man down there, “the creeper”, who is chained down there. We go down to search for Dovan and find that this is where the Stag Lord kept all of his loot. We continue to explore and find the creeper chained in the back of cellar. He was an old man who looks like he has been malnourished and beaten for many years. After speaking with him, we learn that he is actually the father of the Stag Lord and his name is Nugra. Lish informs me that the old man used to be a druid, but he had apparently been exiled. After speaking with him for a short time we find that his wife had died and he had used evil power to raise her spirit back from the dead. For this, he was banished by the druids and cursed by his own wife for performing necromancy. I tried to convince the group that he could possibly be redeemed and we should let him go, but before I could protest, Druss drew his sword and beheaded the man. It was terrible, but Palinus told us that he was evil. There was nothing I could do, so I guess that would have to suffice for now.

I spoke with Kestin, and we agreed to split the charter reward for the Stag Lord. Kestin also agreed that we could share the kingdom that we would establish here. I’m not entirely sure he’s trustworthy yet for a position in the government, but he did show and help attack the Stag Lord. I suppose we will have to see how it all turns out.

Erastus 27

Lish’s wolf companion picked up Dovan’s scent, so we decided to follow it to see if we could find him. The trail led us to the Thornriver Camp, but we lost the scent from there. With no other trails to follow, we decided to follow up on some loose ends.

Erastus 29

The group decided that it would be a good time to take the body of the Stag Lord to Davik. We returned to the keep and they bundled the bodies of the Stag Lord and Nugra. Arriving at Nettle’s Crossing, Davik was summoned and he accepted the two bodies. In return, he left the crossing and is peaceful towards us, as well as a magical spear.

Erastus 30

The next loose end we had was the kobolds in the mine nearby. We traveled south and discovered the mine. Upon entering, we spotted a kobold named Natpek. He started to flee at first, but we convinced him that we meant no harm and asked him about Mikmek. He told us about Tartuk and how he has been controlling the kobolds, and how he had sacrificed Mikmek because he and the dragon statue he had recovered had been tainted by our hands. It saddened me that Mikmek met with such a terrible end, one that we could have avoided if we had traveled back with him. Eager to make things right, we asked Natpek to tell us what we could do to help. He brought us to Sootscale, their leader who was in charge before Tartuk’s rule of fear. Sootscale, using Natpek as an interpreter, told us that Tartuk was quite powerful with magic, and that we would need the sword of a fallen warrior who had been sealed away by Tartuk, if we were going to have a chance to beat him. He showed us where we could find the cave, and gave us three magic scrolls; a scroll to break the seal, a scroll to protect us from evil, and a scroll to resurrect if the need arose. I hoped that we would not need the last scroll.

We arrived at the warrior’s tomb, and discussed the plan. Hern would move the stone from the door once the magic seal was removed, and would hopefully keep whatever evil lay inside away from the rest of us. We would use the scroll of protection from evil on him to keep him safe. The rest of us would wait and jump in to help while those of us who could, would keep our distance. Upon removing the seal from the tomb, a skeleton who was now undead rose and charged against us! He was armored and wielded a black sword that sparked as if it had diamonds in the blade. He attempted to strike out at Hern, but the protection held! We struck out at him, missing through the gaps in his bones, and even when our weapons struck true, he seemed unfazed by them. It wasn’t until we managed to hit him with our magic and magic weapons did we realize that our normal arms of steal were useless against him. He fought furiously, and smote Lish even though she tried to stay away from the undead anti-paladin. We continued to fight, and I moved quite a distance away, using my prayers to heal my allies while also sending him back to the evil realms from whence he came. We were victorious! I made my way to Lish, but it was too late. I thought of the scroll of resurrection that was given to us, but she had already informed us earlier that it was an abomination to druids to resurrect them, no matter what our intentions were. Her spirit gave me calm and understanding so I was able to let her rest, despite being deeply saddened that she had so quickly met her end after joining our charter. The black blade of the undead warrior carried with it an incredible burden. It apparently sucked the souls from those whom it had slain. Hern attempted to wield it and was met with great opposition. Hopefully he will be able to control the blade if we are to defeat Tartuk.



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