Olegs Outpost

Location: B10

Oleg’s trading post used to be an fort. That was a long time ago though. Now it’s in need of repairs and none of the defensive machines are in working order. The walls are still good though and it provides a fairly safe shelter for those who decide to stay the night inside. Recently, Oleg has been having some trouble with the local bandits. They have been demanding their cut of his profits in return for “protection”. He pays up to keep the peace, and to keep them away from his wife, Svetlana.

Oleg keeps the place stocked with the usual fare, though he can special order things from the city if need be, just give him a few days to get it shipped in.

Gozran 22 Arrived at Oleg’s Outpost

Fought Haps and a few other bandits who had arrived at Oleg’s to demand their due. Kept Haps alive and has since joined our party to get rid of the Stag Lord.

Gozran 23 Jihad arrives

Kesten Garess and 6 warriors arrive.


Stop Bandit Attacks Complete
Stop the Stag Lord Incomplete
Svetlana’s Wedding Ring Incomplete Haps took her wedding ring and gave it to Cressle?
Thief Mites Incomplete Little blue creatures stole something under the tree?
Find Temple to Erastil Complete Found the temple for Jihad and cleansed it

Olegs Outpost

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