Thornriver Camp

Location: D8

Thornriver Camp is the main base of operations for the bandits who were collecting “protection” money from Oleg. Headed by a woman with two axes, Cressle, the bandits did the bidding of the Stag Lord with a little extra on the side for themselves. The camp is little more than two watchtowers and a bunch of tents, but the nearby water is good for drinking and it is also in the middle of anywhere they need to be.

Gozran 24 Overtook the bandit camp Revived Cressle after she was nearly mortally wounded to keep Haps on our side and to win her to our side as well.
Erastus 7 Camped the Night Got visions of our deaths from Davik the toll keeper if we do not stop the Stag Lord.


Stop Bandit Attacks Complete


Silver Earrings Wooden Music Box Case of Green Liquor

Thornriver Camp

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