September 4, 2010


Erastus 30

We awoke the next morning and Gale of Kesten’s riders was approaching us from the north. He approached us and informed us that he had just come from Oleg’s. Kesten was not doing well, he was probably having some guilt over the number of men he had lost during the battle at the Stag Lord’s keep. Also, the charter had arrived along with a lot of people ready to settle the land, and they were looking for their leaders. Kesten was in no shape to lead, and he hoped that we could ride with him back to Oleg’s and establish our new kingdom.

Unfortunately, we had to finish this business with the kobolds before we would feel comfortable leading these people to start living in this land. I informed Gale that we would hurry, and hopefully negotiations would be short with the kobolds and we would travel to Oleg’s soon. With that, he rode off to inform the people that we would arrive soon and to prepare to travel to the location which we would start our kingdom.

Arodus 1

The dawn of a new day, a new month, and a new kingdom was upon us. We arrived at the kobold mine and were once again greeted by Natpek. He took us straight to the chief and we talked over our plan for stopping Tartuk. The chambers which Tartuk stayed had two entrances. The chief Sootscale and half of our party would take the front, while the other half and Natpek would cover the back to prevent Tartuk from escaping. I know we had sworn never to split the party again, but the kobold mines were relatively safe, and this time each half had a good mix of fighters and healers to prevent the same tragedy that had befallen us previously.

We arrived at Tartuk’s chambers to find him performing some ritual and making something in his cauldron. Chief Sootscale marched right in, followed by his small band of kobolds in tow and orders the charge to attack! Tartuk quickly pulls the dragon statue we had recovered from the mites from nearby and holds it aloft, causing all of the kobolds following Sootscale to drop to the ground in worship and fear. Sootscale, however, is not as convinced of its power and pulls it from Tartuk’s hands, raises it high before smashing the idol against the ground! The silence that fell in the room was deafening. The kobolds had no idea what to do and were just in shock that their chief would do such a thing. Before anyone could say a word, Kressle appears behind the shaman and buries both of her axes into his back, severely wounding him. As we move forward to confront the shaman, he casts a spell of invisibility on himself, causing the raven on his shoulder to take flight and all of us to lose sight of him.

Oz is quick to react, knowing his magic, and begins to scan the room for magic. He senses the aura of magic surrounding Tartuk and obscuring him from view, and makes that aura visible to us! Palinus confirms his location and Hern rushes in, swinging wildly with the obsidian sword that we had just acquired. The sword seems to swing through the air before finally meeting flesh and piercing through Tartuk, creating a fatal wound. Tartuk slumps to the ground and the kobolds let loose a great cheer that they no longer have to live in fear!

We find a few trinkets in the room, Tartuk’s wand, a masterfully made sickle, magical bracers, and the shaman’s journal. Reading the journal we are shocked to discover that Tartuk was no kobold, but rather a GNOME! He had apparently lived in a village that was attacked by giants quite often. He had gone out to surrender his village one day when he was killed by the giants. Thinking that he had gone to try and defeat the giants, the village had resurrected Tartuk as a “hero”, but he came back as a kobold and even more evil than before. He destroyed that village and many more gnome and kobold villages before arriving at this mine. His life was a miserable one, and becoming tired of it, had actually planned to kill himself after destroying the mites and kobolds here. He had planned to just fly into the sky until the flight spell wore off. It was incredibly sad to hear what he had done and how much of a miserable life he had lived. However, we could not focus on this for very long.

Sootscale and Palinus formed a treaty that the kobolds would not bother us and we would be allies in thanks for helping us with Tartuk. With that, we had to go. People were waiting for us at Oleg’s.

Arodus 2

Our own kingdom.

It was impossible to imagine, yet here we were. Deciding who would have what position in the new kingdom was not easy, but certain positions were filled pretty easily, others were fought over. Picking Palinus as our ruler was a safe decision. He was tall and commanded respect. Quite the opposite of myself actually, which is pretty funny. I was now the kingdom’s high priestess. I suppose that’s typical for a cleric, though I think it will shock some of the worshippers of Erastil when they see we have a temple to Sarenrae. But that’s ok, they can build a temple to Erastil if they wish. Oz obviously is our magister, and Idhthas became our marshall. It was the rest of the positions that were interesting to put in place. Gale was chosen as our councilor. Not necessarily because he fit the position well, but more due to necessity. He seemed like a good man to Kestin, and I think that he would make a good councilor to Palinus in time. Druss was now our general. Hern had wanted the position, but accepted the royal assassin instead. LiTzu was picked for the position of spymaster, Oleg the treasurer with Kressle in a position to collect the taxes. Kesten was granted the position of warden, and Akiros a lieutenant. We still had an opening for our diplomat, but hopefully we could find someone for that position soon.

With our positions filled, we decided to start our kingdom on the site of the keep formerly occupied by the Stag Lord. We informed the people of this and they started off to begin building houses and farms to begin our small town.

Arodus 3

With the kingdom started, and people beginning to build, we decided it would be a good idea to continue exploring around our new city and make sure it was secure. We spent two weeks exploring the land. We were fortunate to only be attacked by the wild animals once. A pack of wargs thought we might make a tasty dinner, but in the end we were no dinner. We work well as a team, watching each other’s backs and made quick work of those wargs.

Arodus 15

As we set up camp for the night after having defeated the wargs, a thought came to mind. A verbal curse later, I was fully reminded that Tartuk was supposed to have had Oleg’s wife’s wedding ring. We would have to travel back to the kobolds and see if we could find it. That would make Oleg and Svetlana very happy if we could return that ring.



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